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We are so glad you want to we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. In fact,
our company mission is: We seek to create an ambiance that offers
refreshment and respite - a site design that reflects the owner's
individuality and identity: one to live in, relax in, entertain in, and
simply enjoy. As you browse around our site, we think you'll see this
mission come to life in the  of our completed projects.
Troyer provides professional design and installation of and throughout the Wayne, Holmes and Stark Regions. We also  professional through our GroundsKeeping" Division. Also we offer full  Tree Sevice through our TreeService" Division. today so
that we can find out more about you and how we can create an outdoor environment that exceeds your expectations-every season of the year. 
                           Troyer Landscape Company
                                    75 Mayer Street
                                    Apple Creek, Ohio  44606
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